Domain Name Data

The world is overwhelmed with data today. Trying to quantify that data in a meaningful way is another challenge. Other moments, as Andrea Jones-Rooy, a Professor of data science at NYU, so eloquently wrote in an article for Quartz: we’ve conflated data with truth.

DND is focused on compiling and publishing data about the domain name industry. Our results show unique perspectives of domain name ownership and use, such as identify what extensions start-ups most value, at what funding stage companies more often acquire a premium domain name, the percentage of various subsets of domains owned by investors and more.

None of this is as cool as Lunar Math or Abstract Algebra to solve a Rubik’s cube but we love it.

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How many Unicorns use a .com 8-characters or less?

Source: 71% according to a NameCorp® analysis of primary domains used by companies on Fortune’s 2016 Unicorn List.